Friday, September 20, 2013

Part 2 (Mutoscope Westinghouse Works Factory)

The reason I chose to respond to "Mutoscope Westinghouse Works Factory"is because it addresses the significance of Industrialization of the time period. The fact that the film glorifies the factory work seems like propaganda, persuading the audience to support what seems completely positive and innocent. The workers all seemed happy and content with their jobs. However, in reality it was probably tedious labor in horrible conditions for less than minimum wage. Because I wrote from the perspective of a citizen from the outside, I wanted to capture that feeling of excitement and curiosity that the film gave them. It gave them the impression that the factories were something to celebrate, without showing them any of the negative effects. It seemed as though this film was a glamorized way to cover up what really lurked beneath those factory walls.

Mutoscope Westinghouse Works Factory (Perspective from Time Period)

Never in my life have I seen such an incredible sight. I couldn't believe my eyes as I gazed upon the flickering screen, enticed by the journey through the factory. There wasn't one area on the screen that didn't capture my eye, leaving me hungry for more. The industrial machines were mesmerizing; shiny steel all functioning together in some way. It was astounding how everything was moving so fast. I could tell that they were creating something important, and a lot of it. Every worker looked motivated and joyous, happy to contribute their service. It feels unreal to witness this significant innovation; it's almost otherworldly. After seeing this in awe, I only wonder where we will be years from now.