Saturday, October 18, 2014

Setting in The Queen

One major theme I noticed throughout "The Queen" was the opposing forces of tradition and new ideas. The art director in this film did a wonderful job of portraying this through set design and color palette. Specifically, two settings that contrasted the most to me were the Prime Ministers' home compared to the interior of Buckingham Palace. Not only did it reflect these opposing forces of tradition and modernization, but it exhibited the characters overall. 
In Buckingham Palace, everything felt very neat and proper. The furniture was perfectly aligned and geometrically pleasing. The color palette consisted of muted yellows, greens and browns. This also coincided with the Queen's wardrobe for most of the film, which made her fit in very well with her surroundings. This represented Queen's firm beliefs of the traditional monarchy which she has been supporting since her childhood. 
On the other hand, the Prime Minister's house was almost the complete opposite. It was very messy and there was a lot of clutter in the background from his kids and family. The color palette consisted of reds, blues, whites and other colors that contrasted against the yellow of Buckingham Palace. This is a perfect visual the modernization that he believes in. 

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