Monday, May 11, 2015

Transmedia Storytelling

Discuss some of the specific examples on our Haiku page in relation to how they fit into the definitions given of Transmedia Storytelling (also on our Haiku page).

*What pieces do you think are particularly remarkable in how they create content or a shared experience between creators and audience/creators?
I think the Elegy for a Dead World writing app was really interesting because it allows the users to create and add on their own imagination into what's going on. It is completely interactive because it's more of an inspirational writing prompt, rather than just something for people to watch and soak up the information. The experience becomes more about the user and less about the original content itself.

*What examples do you see as being particularly creative or innovative in their use of technology within the art?
Lizzy Bennet Diaries was cool because it took a classic piece of the art, and completely transformed it into something new.

*What questions seem to arise, either from the articles or from your own thoughts? What other transmedia examples have you come across or can find?
One question would be: what kind of transmedia entertainment tends to get the best response from an audience, and how do the companies decide on what kind of platform to use?

*What are examples of marketing pieces that aren't really transmedia storytelling and how do you tell them apart?
A lot of trailers for movies or TV shows have a twitter hashtag that pops up at the end of the commercial, either telling the audience to tweet something or try to win something. This is much more advertisement than some of the other pieces we looked at, such as the Lizzie Bennet diaries.

*Did transmedia storytelling exist before the internet - and if you think so, how?
On TV shows such as America's Funniest Home Videos, the audience used to be asked to send in their own tapes at the end of the show. Or shows such as American Idol where the audience is asked to vote for the winners of each round.

My Proposal for the Project: Karenna and I want to make a Blair-Witch-Project-style blog video, but a comedic spoof version of it. Our transmedia element will be that she will have a twitter page that she will be tweeting during the filming and that the audience can follow and look at after or while they're watching the video. We will be posting it on Youtube and hopefully will have it done by Friday, May 29th.

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